Sunday, July 31, 2011


This is a promotion with limited numbers to sell. Just 100 outfits per 5l. The promotion ends when this number ends also. Keep it fast couse is very limited.

 Benzin Outfit just per 5l for a very limited time. I made it to comemorate the day of the Rock n Roll on the last July 13.

New *Suis Petit* group gift. Skull binky. just 1l to join the group and keep 1 or 2 gifts per month.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Poupee Hunt II

 Hair: Lelutka sub-omatic just subscribe and look in the history and win the fat pack, I tinted the hat for a little bit of pink
Skin: Mother Goose's part 1 of 2 from the Poupee Hunt.
Glasses: Boom Poupee Hunt.
Earrings: BRB Poupee Hunt.

Necklace: Jill opening gift.
Top: Piddle part 2 of 2 from the Poupee Hunt, have to objects with prizes at the store.
Skirt: GField look for the demo of this skirt and buy isnt a demo is a gift =D.

Poupee Hunt

 I'm loving the Poupee Hunt have a lot of cute and great prizes! So keep all! Just until August 7th. Look for a red doll.

Hair: Wildo is a fat pack(Poupee Hunt - PPH)
Shirt: Sleepy Eddy (PPH)
Shoes: Free gift from Sleepy Eddy.
Shorts: Already blogged.
Socks: Loveme (PPH)
Skin: Mother Goose's (PPH) have two skins in two objects at the store I'm just showing one.
Cupcake Plate with Pose: Magnifique Pose from CCWH (Cupcake War Hunt)

PlayHouse set: MUD (The Poupee Hunt) with sit and sleep poses.

Listening now: Universal Traveller - Air

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hair: Holic x RolyPoly Gift.
Skin: Already blogged.
 Waffle in my mouth: WFH from DownDownDown store look for a waffle.

Outfit: Urban Republic Co. from the Things to Make you Get Kid Hunt. The hunt ends in August 15.
Skate with bear: My Ugly Dorothy luck board.

 Listening now: Metronomy - The Bay

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Seasons Hunt Summer + Poupee Hunt + WFH

The Seasons Hutn Summer ends in July 30, look for a shark. The Poupee Hunt ends August 15, look for a red doll. Waffle Fox Hunt ends July 30, look for a waffle. I'm wearing things from these trhee hunts.

 Hair: Dura group gift.
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy Poupee Hunt prize.
Jewel: Duh! TSHS.

Top: Spirit WFH.
Pants + Shoes: Lcky WFH. 

Hearing now: The Cure - The LoveCats

CupCake War Hunt

Cupcake War hunt have several good prizes! The hunt ends in July 30 so be fast to keep all.
Look for a pink cupcake.

Skin: Mamboo Chic free.
Earrings: Malfean Visions CCWH (cupcake war hunt)
Collar: [PM] sub-omatic but dont have history so subscribe to keep futeres gifts.

Hair: Ay.Line group gift.
Bikini: Bells Boutique CCWH
Bracelets: Apple May free gift.
Foot: CoCo Designs group gift.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Seasons Hunt Summer

 Hair: Raw House The Seasons Hunt look for a shark is easy. The Hunt ends in Jully 30.
Outfit: The Secret Store freebies.
Duck: Magnifique Poses Gatcha just 1l and have more trhee prizes types.
Sandal: 7Style Group Gift I changed the color in my foot with photoshop couse I think the prim skin are not so good but still a good deal.

Skin: Addict TSH (The Seasons Hunt) look for a shark.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

*Suis Petit* on Markeplace!

News things in my Marketplace store for kids *Suis Petit*. New clothe and I put some old stuff there too for a cheap price, look:

Nuevas cosas en mi tienda en el Marketplace. Nueva ropa y yo he puesto unas ropas antiguas con precio bien bajo, mira:

 Strawberry Outfit new clothe made by me per 85l in the Marketplace.

El nuevo conjunto por 85l.

 Scarecrow is Unisex for the Helloween just 35l, have others clothes for Helloween too but you need look in my Marketplace Store *Suis Petit* several new things for cheap prices.

Para el Helloween puede ser usado en niñas o niños es solo 35l y tiene otros conjuntos con lo mismo precio para el dia de las brujas solo buscalos en *Suis Petit*.

 Marcela Outfit just 20l and have others dresses per 20l too look the new things.

Tiene algunos vestidos solo 20l tienes que mirar en la tienda para buscalos *Suis Petit*.

 Punk Girl just 25l.

Bunny just 5l. From the animals dresses collection have bees, monkey, sheap and the bunny dress.

Tiene conjuntos con animales por solo 5l, tiene vestido de abeja, conejo, monos y oveja todos muy cutes y solo 5l.

Kitty Outfit just 1l a gift for all lil girls.

Regalito por 1l.


Fun in your inventory!

I'm not crazy! Yes new freebies in you inventory and have great complets avs! I love these robots avatars, they are so funny! But you just can use they in SL View 2 or Phoenix View couse have alpha layers to wear. Look my new friends:

 Have others avs too, cars, animals and humans avs but I prefer the robots avs and I'm not showing all.

Look the short robot is funny! Like a child? Hahaha
 Wanna be a robot too for a while? Just go to you inventory in Library > Clothing > Initials Outfits and have fun!