Wednesday, September 12, 2012

*Suis Petit* Halloween News Things!

Halloween cute, great and cheap things for you at our marketplace store.

Pumpkin lollipop FREE. A Halloween gift here:

Scare Eye Lollipop. With several textures. Only 1 liden here;

Baby Coffin Crib. For your prim baby sleep. 29l here:

Child Coffin Crib, with vampire sleep animation made for kids avs. 29l here:

Witch's Broom with animation made for kids or tiny avs. 9l here:

Witch's Nose with skin color change menu hud. Only 5l here:

Witch's Cottage. With animations, sounds, poses to take photos and more. 49l here:

Crazy TV! A mask, a toy, a halloween costume! Only 9l here:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

*Suis Petit* News and Promos

I'll be more busy and busy, more a little bit busy in the RL so I'm putting new things to sell in the marketplace. A lot of them in promotion for a limited time or not. Join us, know us, visit our store for kids and kid's furniture.


Tina Full Avatar and PROMO LIMITED only 5l, a gift for my sweet kids.

Snack's box. Just 9l and when you or your friends touch the box receive a snack.

Snack's box. Just 9l and when you or your friends touch the box receive a snack

 A cute pool for kids with animations with kids size, no adults please. Have 4 animations to take photos, just 5l.

 A cute kid's house, made only for kids. More photos in the link. Just 19l.

 I wanted something like this for me along time ago, so I made it and I love it are perfect like I thought. Is a PROMO just 25l, is copy and edited for kids avs.

Other gift for my kids. A long time ago i had a wonderful marketplace in girl's bedroom furniture just too per 1l, this one Is not the same LL couse couse removed the first set becouse in three months sales reached more than five thousand copies sold! I missed the first bedroom in my inventory, I think I cleared in a mistake, and I dont remember and dont have a photo in my pc to make another similar.. so enjoy it couse I made with love and is just 1l.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

*Suis Petit* News at Martkeplace

News itens in our marketplace store!! Cheap prices per greats things.

Jeovanna Full avatar with everything showned, you can buy here per 99l:

Super Mario girl outfit with everything showned, you can buy here per 39l:

Super Mario boy outfit with everything showned, you can buy here per 39l:

Djohn full boy avatar, with everything showned. Clothes, shape, skin, eyes, shoes. You can buy here per 89l:

Little Bug outfit with everything showned, you can buy here per 49l:

Benzin boy outfit with everything showned, you can buy here per 49l:

My perfect creation! Full toddlers avatars with toddler hud, toddler tinycan, shape, skin, eyes, clothes, acessories! I'm so glad *-*! You can buy here per 299l, is a great deal couse is a complete toddler av for you look pretty like a baby:

Friday, March 2, 2012


  SOKEN AO: Unisex for kids only 1l

*Suis Petit* Little Bug Outfit!

You can winn this amazing outfit for free next week in my group!
Remember... I'll send 22 gifts for free next week, but I'll close the group with a 100l fee to join. So enjoy now couse the group are free and wait a few days!

Você pode ganhar essa linda roupinhas de graça semana que vem no grupo da *Suis Petit*! Lembre-se, vou mandar 22 presentinhos semana que vem, mas vou fechar o grupo com uma taxa de 100l, então aproveite enquanto tá free para entrar no grupo e espere só mais alguns dias!

*Suis Petit* Little Bug Outfit: Free Group Gift in *Suis Petit* Group next week.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

220 Members 22 Gifts!

Crazy 220 members comemorations! My kid's group are free to join per 1 week couse we completed 220 members. When the week ends I'll send 22 greats gifts in my group like: complete child and teenager av, bedrooms, shapes, skins, shoes, toys, backpacks, binkys, and others things for kids and teenagers avs. You can use this note card to invite your friends to join the group, but they have to stay there 1 week waiting I close again with a 100l fee and send the gifts. Understands?

Group owner name: Dandara McMillan
Store group name and lm: *Suis Petit* temporary in
Group and store Blog:
Store in Marketplace:
Group join FREE PER 1 WEEK: secondlife:///app/group/41655f7e-6b49-c1f8-a2b0-ad04428f0f1e/about

We have some rules:
I opened the free join in my group for everyone per 1 week.
When we completed 220 members I opened the group, now are free per 1 week.
When that week ends I'll send 22 gifts here! You can trust!
But when the week ends I'll close the group again with 100l fee until the gifts stay here at notices.
The prizes will be send in group notices in 05/05 next  Monday.

So call everyone for enjoy this chance!
XoXo, Dandara McMillan


Tô doida! Abri o grupo agora que chegamos a 220 membros! Deixei free, lembram que era 1l para entrar nos últimos meses? Agora tá 0l e vai ficar assim por UMA semana. Quando essa semana acabar vou fechar o grupo de novo só que com uma taxa de 100l! E então vou mandar todos os 22 presentes no dia 05/05, cinco de março próxima segunda-feira! Chamem todos os amigos, pq eu vou mandar presente bom, não lixão. Vou presentear todos vcs com coisas tipo: avatares infantis e adolescentes completos, roupas, sapatos, brinquedos, moveis, decoração infantil com poses, mochilas, chupetas, etc, etc, tudo que possam pensar pra uma criança e para um adolescente, vou dividir os prêmios uns 12 para kids e uns 10 para teens meninos e meninas! Chamem os amigos!

Nome da dona da loja e do grupo: Dandara McMillan
Nome do grupo e lm da loja: *Suis Petit*  a loja tá temporariamente em
O blog da loja e do grupo com dicas frees:
Loja no marketplace:
Grupo para entrar: secondlife:///app/group/41655f7e-6b49-c1f8-a2b0-ad04428f0f1e/about

Eu abri o grupo free por 0l quando chegamos a 220 membros.
Vai ficar assim 1 semana, até a próxima segunda-feira.
Quando essa semana de free para entrar acabar vou fechar o grupo com uma taxa de 100l.
Vou enviar 22 presentes no decorrer da próxima semana, podem acreditar, uns 6 por dia.. Mas a taxa de 100l vai ficar no grupo até eles sumirem das noticias.
Dia 05/05 começo a liberar o mel rs.

Chamem todos os seus amigos. É uma chance única!
Bjs, Dandara McMillan

Lilly Bean's

 Dress: Lilly Bean's valentine freebie 0l in marketplace.

Listening: Why now - Jean M. Rotin

*Baby Pie*

Outfit: Baby Pie marketplace dollarbie, just 2l.

Listening: Fantasy - Dye

Monday, February 27, 2012


Hello humans! The sexy back, yeah! Me and Dandara =D. If you dont know we are twins in SL and bffs in RL and we was in vacations. But now we back to make you sl life more chic without alot of lidens!

 Dress 1: Feather Group Gift
Dress 2: Feather Happy New Year gift.

(I want a music too)
Listening - Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake


The Buglets store have alot of prizes in some hunts, luck chair, camp chair and group gift to us. All clothes for toddlers or normal avatars.

Dress Buglets: Camp chair per 20 minutes.

 Skin: Mother Goose's from LB in SGB land 3 minutes to change the letter.

 Dress: Lucky Chair from Buglets.

 Skin: Mother Goose's LB limited! Skin called Lene.

That skin is so great. Come with and without teeth! Thanks Milok.

The great Buglets Group Gift! Enjoy is free to join the group.

Listening: Eu Não Gosto de Ninguém - Matanza