Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playa! Who said beach?! Beach? Beach!!!!


Outfit: Label Me Inc  1l, need join the group and the fee is free. 
Buoy: Cri-Cri   free!! Come with ao, animations, resize and color change hud! Complet and great.

Hair: Emotions free!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nerd Part II

The Geekgasm Hunt are happening now until 13 of July. Have some great prizes and they look good in teenagers and childs avs too, look.
Hints here!

Oufit: Boof  GH2 #20

Star Trek Communicator: Boof  GH2 #20
 (the store have several prizes for the hunt inside the hunt object, and have sereval freebies too)
 Earrings and ring: Cracked Mirros  GH2 #16 

Skin: Heartstick GH2 #9

Nerd Part III... well dont look so nerd.

The Geekgasm Hunt are happening now until 13 of July. Have some great prizes and they look good in teenagers and childs avs too, look.
Hints here!

Outfit: LoveCats  GH2 #6

 Backpack: Cool Beams GH2 #19

Book come with Locats outfit.
Elf Ears: Acide! GH2 #5
Skin from Heartstick GH2 already posted.

 Nails: The Sugar Garden GH2 #29

Nerd Part I

The Geekgasm Hunt are happening now until 13 of July. Have some great prizes and they look good in teenagers and childs avs too, look.
Hints here!

Outfit: Beauty Killer Geekgasm Hunt #35

Hat: The Mad Hattery GH2 #10

Book, pictures and Card in my mouth: Boof  GH2 #22

Puff with books and animation: Tasty  GH2 #19
House: Domeri item 1, have two prizes there. GH2 #14

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I was with Dandara in Banilacoco Skin's store waiting the luck letter, so she saw the boards about two hunt happening there. The Got Pink hunt and de LTEC hunt, the first hunt you have to find a pink bottle the LTEC hunt have to find a green cake. We will help you to find just read the post.

 Hair: EMotions gift is free.
Skin: Banilacoco Luck Letter.
Dress: Honey Soul group gift in the group notices secondlife:///app/group/6c714f61-9975-91cc-eedd-d171c5640026/about
 Flats: Radish gift is free.

Doll head: Banilacoco group gift.

Skins: Banilacoco Luck Letters.
Oh! She had more luck than me, Dandara win the skin with bandaid and I loved that skin :(

Skins: Banilacoco the first skin is from Got Pink Hunt the pink bottle are inside of the flower pot around the luck letters.

The second skin with cupcake (is so cute) is from the LTEC hunt the green cake are around the tp point behind the "new" black and with white board in one skin vendor. 

Skin: Banilacoco is a group gift too. Slap the board and receive the correct group couse isnt the Banilacoco Update Group is other but is free too to join.

Look! Dandara made a banner to me <3! Shes cute. She told me she made a new banner to her too. Now I have a banner and will not user the her banner anymore :P.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pirate Outfit

Super cute!

Fom *Suis Petit* Marketplace here per 99l. Complet outfit with two skirt options with or whithout knife. Enjoy!

News things and Group Gift *Suis Petit*

Pearl Jewelry set for lil girls and teens. New from *Suis Petit* Marketplace just 20l the pack with 8 jewelry, 3 collar types, 2 rings, 1 bracelet and earrings! I loved it look very cut. And I'll show below the new group gift hihihi. You can buy these cute jewelry here, here and here.

Magic Sticks animatedes with sonds too. New in *Suis Petit* Marketplace, is so cute and just 8l here and here.

Colered Jewelry for *Suis Petit* group members check the notices and enjoy. Just 1l now to join the *Suis Petit* Update Group enjoy couse have others two group gifts yet in the group notices! secondlife:///app/group/41655f7e-6b49-c1f8-a2b0-ad04428f0f1e/about You can join the group looking in my profile too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Oreo? Me gusta! Me gusta!

Shirt: Nodulu freebie in the wall.
Skirt: ::Pesca:: luck boar, the skirt from the complet dress.

Shoes and jewelry from *Suis Petit* you can buy the shoes here. But the jewelry comming soon are not for sale yet.

 Hair: Lo*Momo GG.
Skin: Mother Goose's 1l! Around the luck letter.
Oreo Set: Sweet Bites Oreo Set - Just Desserts Hunt! Be fast to keep it, have animation!

 Dress: ::Pesca:: luck boar.
Shoes: Chuculet 5l.

Skin: Mother Goose's new LB.
Toy: Ruro@Pino freebie in the second floor. Come with other in red.

I'm hearing: Me gusta song

Nhom, nhom, nhom!

 Complet bedroom with animations: [M2M] you will need join the Vida Virtual group ::VV Vip:: to receive the prize. Is the comemorate prize for the 10k VV Vip's members. Join the group here touch the kiosk. I don't know if you will can join, but try even the group are closed I think you can join there.

The bedroom set included the white shirt and shorts, the candy with the candy giver above (everyone can take one for the mouth nhom, nhom!), furniture with animations and skybox all for free with the ::VV Vip:: group tag in [M2M].

Bag, bear candy in my mouth and gatcha toys in my head: [KUE!] The bag is from the gatcha machine, have others colors, is 10l or 20l (I dont remember) to play is cheap and cute. Candy from Kue gatcha too is 10l to play I loved it. The toy in my head is a gift from [KUE!] owner, she is adorable we made a good friendship and she gived me it ♥, have in a gatcha too for 10l. I'm funny with this cute things from [KUE!] and the store is really cute and cheap! Have a subscribe prize too I'm not showing now but I'll show soon.

Collar: Nodulu subscribe gift. I loved! Is super cute I can't take it ♥.
Skin: Mother Goose's Truddy III in the luck letter. I love the Mother Goose's skins! Milok is a great builder and so much generous. (land already posted in the past post)

Shape: From *Suis Petit* comming soon. I'm making news things for my Marketplace Store and I want rent a lil store inworld again, but I dont have so much time I'm doing all with calm and Arlequina help me too, but she is more lazy than me! The shape name's is Dandara *w* of course becouse my name, my shape was a vip shape for a lot time no one have the same (just Arley but she dont count, she stolen me) I made it, but now I want sale for a cheap price in three types kids, toddler and teenager. 5 until 10 years, and 12 until 15 years. I'm wearing the teenager shape. I'll do japanese shapes too, shapes for girls and boys. Soon I'll show here with Arley and Horus help.

I'm hearing: Metronomy - The Bay

Thursday, June 23, 2011


 Hair: Lamb! Several colors for free!!
Nails: Mons GG.
Coat: IZM LB.
Shorts: Wave Group Notices look for Miraiwave Iwish the Wave store's owner.
Socks: Mother Goose's was a free but now I think is cheap but not more free.
Shoes: Roly-Poly freebie. 

 Shape: *Suis Petit* Dandara Shape Teenager 13 years comming soon on Marketplace.

Sweet Tea

Want you more tea?

Hair: HS Group Gift.
Eye Patch: Fairy Tail Black Butler Hunt.
Dress: IZM Black Butler Hunt.
Skin already posted.
Tea set: Love Soul Black Butler Hunt.
Table: Cheap Cheap freebie.

Collar: Undefined Lillies freebie.
Eyes: Roly-Poly freebie.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Skin: Mother Goose's Luck Letter.
Outfit + Hair: Ray Skin just 1l! The store have several cutes things for free, group gifts, 1l and luck letters.
Rabbit: Curious Kittys free in Marketplace.
Boots: In Her Shoes all in the store is free!  

Hair + Coat: Ray Skin the hair is group gift and the coat is 1l from the love letter hunt look for a cat with a letter.
Skin: Mother Goose's luck letter.
Shoes + Hair Bown: Sanu SL8B Gift is 0l look inside the giant burger in the tp point.
Bag + Bubbles: D!va free pose stuff.