Wednesday, September 12, 2012

*Suis Petit* Halloween News Things!

Halloween cute, great and cheap things for you at our marketplace store.

Pumpkin lollipop FREE. A Halloween gift here:

Scare Eye Lollipop. With several textures. Only 1 liden here;

Baby Coffin Crib. For your prim baby sleep. 29l here:

Child Coffin Crib, with vampire sleep animation made for kids avs. 29l here:

Witch's Broom with animation made for kids or tiny avs. 9l here:

Witch's Nose with skin color change menu hud. Only 5l here:

Witch's Cottage. With animations, sounds, poses to take photos and more. 49l here:

Crazy TV! A mask, a toy, a halloween costume! Only 9l here:

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